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6 days ago

With David Burgess finally under arrest for the murders of Jeanette Wigmore and Jacqueline Williams, information began to emerge about him, his life, and his version(s) of what happened that day, as well as what could have occurred in the case of Yolande Waddington.    Patreon iTunes…ast/id1325180386 Website Twitter @outlinespodcast Instagram @theoutlinespodcast

Friday Sep 16, 2022

In April of 1967, no sooner had the dust settled on the failed investigation into Yolande Waddington’s murder when the village of Beenham would be stunned by two more killings, when nine year olds Jeanette Wigmore and Jacqueline Williams were found dead in a disused gravel pit. This time though, one suspect would stand out from the rest and for this crime at least, someone would be charged with murder. Patreon iTunes…ast/id1325180386 Website Twitter @outlinespodcast Instagram @theoutlinespodcast

Monday Sep 05, 2022

On October 28th 1966, the small village of Beenham in Berkshire was rocked by the murder of 17 year old au pair Yolande Waddington. The following investigation saw the pioneering use of mass blood testing, intended on identifying whether or not the killer was someone local to the village. With the community fearful for their safety, the blood of over 200 men was taken over a two day stretch. Despite this, it would take a further 46 years for Yolande’s case to be solved.    Patreon iTunes…ast/id1325180386 Website Twitter @outlinespodcast Instagram @theoutlinespodcast

Sunday Jul 10, 2022

Today's episode is a little bit different. In collaboration with The Unseen Podcast I tell you about the case of Mary Woolley who died mysteriously on the railway tracks near Earley in Berkshire on Monday the 6th of December 1954. Following this, I hand over to Caprice who has researched another mysterious death, this one of Ruth Brockstead, who died by oxalic acid poisoning in April, 1927. Following this you'll find a discussion between Caprice and I where we speak not only about Mary and Ruth's deaths but also more generally about the ways in which we approach researching historic cases.  The Unseen Podcast Patreon iTunes…ast/id1325180386 Website Twitter @outlinespodcast Instagram @theoutlinespodcast

Wednesday Jun 01, 2022

This episode was first released as a Patreon exclusive in April 2022. In the late afternoon of Saturday the 3rd of May 2003 in the town of Great Yarmouth, seven year old Daniel Entwistle disappeared near his home on Copperfield Avenue. His red BMX bike was found the next day in an industrial area next to the River Yare but no trace of Daniel, either in or out of the water, has ever been found. Sadly, Daniel, who has been described as mischievous and inquisitive, is all but forgotten when it comes to discussions of long term missing children. Patreon iTunes…ast/id1325180386 Website Twitter @outlinespodcast Instagram @theoutlinespodcast  

Monday Apr 25, 2022

This episode was first released as a Patreon exclusive and is now being made generally available to encourage you too to sign up. On the 3rd of January 1961 the body of twenty year old Jean Constable was found in a ditch near the village of Ridgewell in the heart of Essex. The subsequent investigation quickly led police to the man responsible for Jean's murder. A man who confessed to the killing, even telling the court how he washed her body, burned her possessions and cut off her hair before leaving her by the side of a layby on the A604. Despite his admittance, when the case went to trial, it took a jury just two hours to find the man who killed Jean Constable not guilty.  Patreon iTunes…ast/id1325180386 Website Twitter @outlinespodcast Instagram @theoutlinespodcast

Sunday Apr 10, 2022

On Sunday the 9th of December 1984, 24 year old Peter Miller was found stabbed to death on the kitchen floor of the home he shared with his brother Tony, and Tony’s wife Paula at 10 Camden Place, Great Yarmouth. Despite two unusual findings at the crime scene and several intriguing sightings of the same unidentified mystery man, a premature disposal of evidence and lack of any real leads, means that Peter’s murder remains unsolved to this day.     Patreon iTunes…ast/id1325180386 Website Twitter @outlinespodcast Instagram @theoutlinespodcast

Wednesday Mar 23, 2022

At 8:20pm on the evening of Thursday 28th March 2002, 22 year old Michelle Bettles was captured on CCTV as she walked down St Benedict’s Street in Norwich in the direction of the red light district. Three days later on the morning of Sunday 31st March her body would be discovered by a dog walker 20 miles outside of the city in a rural area of Norfolk. Despite the presence of DNA, the end of this month marks 20 years since Michelle’s death and still no one has been charged with her murder.    Patreon iTunes…ast/id1325180386 Website Twitter @outlinespodcast Instagram @theoutlinespodcast Unfinished Podcast

Wednesday Mar 09, 2022

Today’s episode takes a slightly different format as I look into two unsolved disappearances in East Anglia. The first is the case of 26 year old Amanda (Mandy) Duncan who vanished from Portman’s Walk in Ipswich, part of the area’s red light district on Friday 2nd of July 1993. Second is that of 28 year old Kellie Pratt, who went missing 7 years later, on Sunday 11th of June 2000, this time from the red light district in Norwich. Neither case generated much news coverage at the times they occurred and so, despite them being unrelated, I’ve chosen to look at both together in order to bring you two cases which would otherwise remain uncovered. Patreon iTunes…ast/id1325180386 Website Twitter @outlinespodcast Instagram @theoutlinespodcast

Saturday Feb 19, 2022

In the early hours of Friday November 20th 1992 the body of sixteen year old Natalie Pearman was discovered in a layby at Ringland Hills on the outskirts of Norwich in Norfolk. Natalie, who had been working in the city’s red light district on the night she was murdered had been strangled and left half dressed by the side of a remote road. Police investigation revealed the presence of a full DNA sample from a man, probably Natalie’s killer, who still remains unidentified almost 30 years later. Patreon iTunes…ast/id1325180386 Website Twitter @outlinespodcast Instagram @theoutlinespodcast


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